GEL asked to present at
Laser Materials Processing event run by AILU.

On the 8th July Graham Engineering Ltd (GEL) were asked to present at the Manufacturing Technology Centre in Coventry at an event run by The Association of Laser Users (AILU) on “Innovations for economic growth: The UK uptake of Laser Materials Processing”.

Our innovation and uptake in new laser technology resulted in our invitation to join the line-up for the event alongside other leading organisations such as; TWI, Tata Steel, Rolls-Royce, the TSB and universities of Lincoln, Birmingham and Liverpool John Moores University.

Stuart Dutton, our Laser Manager was asked to present on “Fibre Laser welding in the industry” starting off with a brief introduction into Graham Engineering, including when GEL first introduced lasers into the business. He then went on to talk our knowledge and experience from using various types of lasers, to the implementation and commissioning of our new 10kW fibre laser.

The presentation also included R&D work that GEL are involved with on a TSB funded project called “LaserJacket”, which is looking at the requirements for thick section welding and the benefits to be gained from using a laser for completing this type of join. Stuart completed his presentation discussing how GEL use the laser within Aerospace for Titanium sealing welds, and welding for the Nuclear Sector.
When asked, Stuart stated that; “Although a little nervous, especially knowing that there would be over 100 experts in the room listening to me, I felt honoured to be invited to present and that Graham Engineering was being recognised for its capability and knowledge around laser based technology by the industry”.

“I have not delivered many presentations nor been involved in much public speaking before, but as part of my CPD this opportunity provided me with a lot of learning points to take forward for next time. One of my biggest fears was having the videos that I had included on the presentation not work, which then came to fruition, and so to try and explain a process which people couldn’t see and wouldn’t really understand if they didn’t know much about welding, turned out to be quite difficult. I did feel a little disappointed that the videos didn’t work, but that’s just something that happens, but apart from that I thought it all went well and was well received by those attending.”

andrew hudson
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