GEL specialises in producing 'nuclear product' and 'hazardous waste' containers for the nuclear industry. GEL's main achievement to date within this sector, has been to be awarded a 4+ year framework agreement with Sellafield Ltd under their High Integrity Stainless Steel Contract (HISSC) . This includes the development and manufacture of containers for both high and intermediate level nuclear waste.

In addition, GEL's expertise and capability involves them working with a local Blue Chip engine manufacturer's research & development teams to continue to develop innovative manufacturing techniques for the manufacture of vital component parts for the 'Wide Chord Fan Blade'. GEL also works closely with Kidde Graviner to meet their requirements for fire suppression systems for MOD combat aircraft and land warfare vehicles. GEL's own range of pressure vessels for heat storage systems, also supports the low carbon energy sector. GEL also manufactures a wide range of components for local industries based across the North West.

'Our Quality is our Customers' Safety'. Through strict process control systems, material traceability and suitably-qualified and experienced personnel (SQEP'd); GEL provides guaranteed quality assurance to enable self-sign off on agreed products, as well as, working with third party independent inspectors where required. GEL, through dedicated commitment to its customers, ensure all GEL products are produced to quality standards whilst maintaining efficiency of labour and value for money.

GEL's strategy is to build upon its successful, quality-driven reputation and to utilise its intellectual thoughtware and skill base to consistently meet customer needs. Best results are achieved when GEL are involved with projects from the outset, to support research & development and T&D. GEL's technical expertise and capabilities, along with an ethos for long term capital investment, ensures GEL can use the right techniques and solutions for each individual task. This approach is aligned to GEL's vision for growth in building manufacturing capacity and flexbility at its Nelson site.
Training, qualifications and technical experience acquired by all GEL employees continues to be closely monitored and recorded. Through continuous improvement, processes are being reviewed and skills matrices methodology is utilised. Targeted training increases employee commitment, capability and flexibility; resulting in a more skilled, flexible and efficient workforce. GEL also aims to increase its links with academic institutions via the Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (Nuclear AMRAC) and other professional bodies; i.e. The Welding Institute (TWI) and IMechE. GEL are investing in both Lean and Six Sigma training for employees at all levels, in order to promote employee involvement in future-proofing the business.

As part of GEL's long term partnership with the nuclear industry, GEL has further linked in with the Sellafield Ltd Graduate Training Scheme. GEL provides a 6 month placement opportunity for nuclear and engineering graduates to provide them with "hands on" experience, so they can learn about SME operations within Sellafield's supply chain. The value of this benefits both parties and GEL is hoping to build upon this, by providing further placement opportunities for at least 3 more graduates in 2013. A consistent policy of investment in appropriate demand-driven technology remains key to GEL's continued success. GEL's acquisitions of a multi-axis laser cutting and welding facility; and large high speed machining centres have increased GEL's technical capability. Building extensions and further property acquisition have resulted in 117,000 square feet of manufacturing floor space at ground level. GEL is now one of Nelson's largest employers, with a total site of 200,000 square feet. Growth remains paramount and GEL is investing in a further 100,000 square feet of manufacturing space adjacent to its existing site.

In summary, GEL provides a multitude of engineering processes and skills: from concept through to completed drawings; comprehensive testing; 5 axis machining; laser profiling involving multi axis welding robotics; large deep drawn pressing; forming; fabricating through a variety of welding processes; surface treatments (vaqua blasting), polishing facility; CMM inspection; and final assembly. Supporting these activities are non-destructive testing services utilising x-ray or dye-penetrant, and the ability to permanently identify products using YAG laser engraving technology.
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By adopting and implementing operational excellence we will develop our people, processes and technology to meet our customer expectations first time, on time, every time.
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