Manufacturing Capabilites
Over the past 25 years GEL has acquired significant skills in the use of presses and press tools for blanking and, in particular deep drawing. Deep drawing is now a speciality with "one piece" containers for high integrity applications.Press tooling is now both designed and manufactured in house and the phrase "that's not possible" is seen as simply an irresistible challenge! GEL's working on items up to 2 metre square in 6mm materials is commonplace.
GEL possess some "impressive" pressing machines, the likes of which are not widely available, as GELs international customer-base illustrates perfectly.

GEL have both double and single action presses. Double action presses have both a ram on the top and a cushion underneath, allowing for more control of components during the handling process. Single action presses have only a ram on the top offering a much faster operating cycle.

Machine Capacity List
Please download our Capacity List here>>

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Our Mission
By adopting and implementing operational excellence we will develop our people, processes and technology to meet our customer expectations first time, on time, every time.
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