Graham Engineering Ltd (GEL) specialise in producing ‘nuclear product’ and ‘hazardous waste’ containers for the Nuclear Industry. GEL’s main achievement is with the HISSC framework which includes WVP Flasks, MBGW Boxes, 500L ILW drums, UO3 drums, and TPFL packages. GEL also manufactures HFC boxes and store furniture (i.e. stillage’s and MBGW stools). Most 3m3 ILW Boxes have been developed at GEL along with all the 500L ILW drums, and the HLW WVP Flasks have been a single source supply from GEL for over 25 years. These products are supplied to various SLC’s within the NDA estate.

Utilising our expertise and capability we have worked with key aerospace market leaders to develop the technique that GEL currently use to manufacture vital component parts for specific fan blades. GEL work closely with Kidde Graviner to meet the requirements for fire suppression systems for MOD Combat Aircraft and Land Warfare vehicles. Our own range of pressure vessels for heat storage systems, support the Low Carbon Energy sector. In addition, GEL also manufactures a wide range of components for the local industries within the North West.

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Our Mission
By adopting and implementing operational excellence we will develop our people, processes and technology to meet our customer expectations first time, on time, every time.
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