Nuclear Engineering
The nuclear industry demands the highest standards and exceptional performance.
Graham Engineering Ltd (GEL) have been supplying this sector seamlessly since 1985 and our extensive history in the manufacture of containersfor the nuclear sector means GEL has assisted in developing virtually every intermediate level waste container currently in use within the UK;from small 20ml product sample containers to 4m3 waste boxes. GEL's Nelson facility houses dedicated, segregated manufacturing areas for the specific supply of any size container to be used for lifetime storage. To highlight our superior level of competence and capability, GEL have been the single source supplier of the High Level Waste Winscale Vitrification Plant (HLW WVP) flasks for over 25 years.

This product is manufactured to Grade 01 quality requirements, with each weld undergoing radiological examination, with an inspection regime in place that guarantee’s quality and safety to the end user/customer. GEL has a solid reputation for offering both quality and value for money.

Nuclear Safety
At GEL the nuclear safety culture is being further developed through training our workforce in their understanding of their role within the process. The importance of courses like Human Performance and Triple Bar in Nuclear Manufacturing are being utilised for CPD for all employees.

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Our Mission
By adopting and implementing operational excellence we will develop our people, processes and technology to meet our customer expectations first time, on time, every time.
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