Graham Engineering Ltd is part of the national STEM programme which hosts events within schools and colleges involving attested “STEM Ambassadors”, aiming to get young people inspired about their future careers. The aim of STEM is to grow ‘Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths’ and in Lancashire the strong STEM network is passionate in offering bespoke, personal advice which will help to suit the needs of companies, schools and students which all take part in the North West STEMFirst programme.

STEMFirst runs different events across Lancashire in different schools and colleges to get young people of all ages involved and aware of STEM.

The STEMFirst programme provides a networking structure and support to businesses, organisations and individual who want to help young people across Lancashire in STEM subjects, to assist them target their efforts and resources to achieve the best results for them and young people. At Graham Engineering we have a number of STEM Ambassadors who all play a different role in the business.

Being a STEM Ambassador has benefits not only for the young people involved but also for the ambassadors themselves. They have the opportunity to get a fresh new perspective of work on a whole, by looking at it from the eyes of a student, and facing different challenges from their everyday work, and gaining that sense of achievement. It also allows young people to understand the particular career of an “Ambassador”, and allows them to have fun and enjoy working with young people, helping the make a difference across Lancashire, and be that life changing role model.
To get a real perspective on how becoming a STEM Ambassador can change your perspective on work, Debbie Salmon from the Graham team gave her personal view on the overall STEM experience.

“It is a thoroughly enjoyable experience, and it is fulfilling to talk to young people and give them an overview of engineering and seeing them getting excited about learning new things. This was particularly evident at the UTC in Burnley for the Flash Bang Science day, where a young student showed lots of enthusiasm and wasn’t afraid to be the leader, and was very positive and confident.”

“Having this position is a serious and important role. It requires us as Ambassadors to impart knowledge and information to students, and give them careers advice, to build on what students get from school and colleges and provide the real world experience of work. It’s a pleasurable and enjoyable experience to know that the young people who will soon be coming to work in businesses such as Graham Engineering are the right kind of people, and have not only the right skills but the correct attitude and the personality to fit into a business and get the job done.”

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